What we do

What we do

Visual metaphors simplify
and amplify ideas.
They stimulate attraction
and engagement.

Visualmeta4 create,
craft and develop
memorable visual expressions
that say more
than words alone.

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More Than A Feeling.

It is no accident that we talk about the ‘look and feel’ of a brand.

Our feelings are simply more powerful and more motivating than our thoughts alone.

They are uniquely stimulated by visual expression.

Turning ideas into emotions. And emotions into actions.

More Than A Look.

A memorable visual expression of a brand is much more than just a look.

It is the sum of its identity, its personality, its character and more.

Visualmeta4 create and curate brand identities and major identity systems.

Driving consistency and quality through brand strategy, brand identity and brand communications.

More Than A Story.

Media today is no more and no less than the space in which people connect with ideas.

Visual metaphors simplify and amplify ideas giving context to content.

Visualmeta4 create relevant storytelling to drive engagement.

Turning brand messages into brand behaviour.

Creative disciplines without borders

More Than Digital.

Engagement is driven by the feelings of attraction that result from memorable visual expression.

In the digital sphere friendship now stands unchallenged as the natural and preferred content filter.

And what is friendship if it is not attraction?

More Than Film.

Moving images engage our emotions like no other.

They act as cultural reference points. And occupy a unique place in our memories and affections.

And no matter the size of the screen, the best remain as much the product of craft as creation.

More Than Print.

On the printed page there is no substitute for craft.

The feel of a particular paper or the impression of a particular ink on a particular press.

For the many luxury brands that we are privileged to work with print remains an essential medium.