Shade Sun Tracker


A balanced exposure to the sun is key – we all need to avoid sunburn yet receive the right dose of vitamin D - so it’s important to know when and how much we should expose ourselves to the sun, and when we should refrain. The sunshade wristband detects and measures the intensity of the sun's rays and forewarns you when you need to put on more sunscreen or simply get out of the sun and seek shade.



Visualmeta4 was approached to develop the imagery for this new and intelligent wearable device. With its sleek and simple design, the device exists in 2 different versions; one for children and the other for adults. The children’s version has strong vibrant colours while the adults’ edition is finished in stylish pink metal. The visual language developed was common to both versions, but each was given their own colour pallet.


A film, totally in line with the sophisticated and elegant aesthetics of the device, was made to present the device. Silhouettes were used to evoke both the dangers and the goodness of the sun, while close ups were made in the studio using the microlens (no 3D where used here) to bring out the fine crafted details of the finished product. Our experience in motion and photography was used to create the right environment to build a complete story around the product