Visualmeta4 was attributed the role of developing a brand movie for the Armani Christmas 2018 campaign (perfumes and cosmetics).
The brief was to showcase the luxury brand in a universe surrounding the Christmas season with a particular accent on the sense of offering gifts.
The concept is one of exchange and elegance. The universe had to reflect and mix the Armani brand’s essence with the Christmas spirit and the code of this festive period.

The starting point was the Armani’s logo which was reinterpreted in a Bauhaus style specially for the occasion.
Each letter was drawn from a basic geometric shape in the Art Deco tradition. The shapes of the gifting boxes followed the
same rule, a true Christmas spirit in a geometrical and elegant environment.

The intention was to create a dreamlike world with enormous geometrical shapes: Amongst these are two persons fusing in a choreography that reflects a gentle exchange. It is intended as a parallelism between their dance and the Armani gifts. The movements intercut with the actions around the Armani products and the beautifully crafted gift boxes.

The production of the film took four months during which many paths were explored to balance at its best the dancers and the products in the simplest of forms.

Gifting Boxes

Still Frames

Making OFF