Building a Visual Language


For more than a century, Lesaffre has been an important global player in the field of fermentation. Yeast fermentation has been used the world over for time immemorial to make all kinds of breads and pastries, to enhance flavour, preserve food and so much more.  People at large however are hardly aware of yeast’s unlimited potential. 


The Challenge was to develop a visual language that could positively contribute to promoting yeast, an ingredient that is essentially invisible to consumers.
In addition to this, the branding needed to provide a coherent visual language between the company departments and their respective activities, while differentiating Lesaffre from competitors and alternative products. 

The communication also needed to help consumers better understand yeast’s attributes and benefits. The brand imagery we developed reinforces the idea that yeast is a traditional ingredient that is natural, healthy, safe and sustainable. 

The brand imagery reinforce the message that yeast is a natural, healthy, sustainable and safe product, a traditional ingredient used for centuries and help consumers better understand Yeast attributes and benefits.


To promote the many benefits of yeast, the convention is to show finished products that owe their existence to yeast. A loaf of bread, a glass of beer or wine...
We have deliberately approached things differently by showing yeast in its raw form and subtly conveying what the final product or usage could be. We have achieved this by creating an imprint in a layer of yeast and by adding various props. 

To convey the natural quality of yeast, we restricted ourselves to a warm color palette and a simple, elegant composition, resulting in a minimalist yet bold communication approach that is highly memorable.