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The brief

Visualmeta4 was given the role of developing the branding for Sizzle and to produce a film to present the concept to potential partners.

Sizzle is a media concept that mixes a music TV show with an internet site whose job is to find new musical talent based on rankings using social media.

The film needed to explain the complex selection of the artists and make the link between the TV programme and the online site. The content was challenging and difficult yet had to be presented in a dynamic and attractive manner.


Cath attention
with a music video

The film also had to establish the branding principles of the Sizzle universe. The retained concept used the silhouettes of musicians and their instruments to represent the future winners. There was a mix of typography and graphics that was also to be found online and on the social media site.

The result was a film lasting 5 minutes that uses all the codes of a music video (fast editing, flash effects) but that also conveyed the messages in a simple way.

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