new identity


Faced with the rapid pace of change in the field of mobility, Wolf, an independent blending specialist, wanted their brand image to evolve and reflect their ambitious vision and commitment towards the future: “Bringing fluidity to tomorrow’s mobility”.

The concept of “Flow” is intricately associated to this industry as the flow of mobility and transportation would be impossible without lubricants. But more than anything, a culture of flow is also deeply ingrained in the company culture, and characterizes how co-workers, partners and suppliers interact and work hand in hand: “We don’t follow, we flow”. 


Wolf’ / ‘Flow’ happens to be
a palindrome, a word that reads identically backwards and forwards. This is how the word flow quite naturally became the main concept and red thread for the construction of the new corporate identity.

This new identity is characterized by a combination of strong evocative typography and sharp graphic imagery. While the photographic treatment combines abstract close-up imagery of fluids and engine parts filtered in blue duotone. Several typographic treatments were elaborated to evoke fluids and play with short, strong wording and simple direct messages. 


Print application


This new visual and graphic identity was applied across all media, including a three dimensional approach for trade fairs. The result is a fresh, strong, distinctive identity that disrupts all the traditional communication codes of this industry. 

And this is precisely what Wolf Oil Corporation have always ambitioned: to stand out as a challenger brand that much larger players need to contend with.

Trade Fair integration

Video integration

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