Wolf Oil is one of our most complete clients. We have created a complete visual brand universe together, ranging from the brand identity and visual language to an advertising campaign, films, websites, and their live presence at trade fairs.
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This time, Wolf Oil wanted to establish the meaning of the brand, and show that Wolf is more than just products. The idea was to create a future brand platform that would allow them to engage in a conversation and claim their position in the market.


By providing the vital fluids to run our engines and machines, Wolf is inherently linked to the fundamental role lubricants play in our modern society.

Furthermore, the brand is deeply committed to finding solutions to the growing challenges of mobility and that influence the automotive market.

In short, whatever the future vehicle or mobility concept will be, Wolf will provide a lubricant that meets the latest norms and technical requirements.


Wolf wanted to translate this engagement and this vision into a new visual language and a campaign to broader the brand domain.

To establish their role therefore, a city made up out of engine parts was created to symbolize this idea. The idea was clear: the same fluid that brings the city to life will also keep the engine running to its optimum performance.

This idea of fluidity and motion symbolized by the blue mesh designed for the packaging was the red line of the new visual direction.

Photo Direction


Wolf’s visuals language has always been about the sophistication and technicality of the product. We have maintained this direction while also adding a futurist and progressive aspect to the vision. The garage therefore became a sort of NASA laboratory, dealing with very high precision engines and parts.

Product Litterature

Brochure design - Art direction by Nicolas Jandrain
Brochure design - Art direction by Nicolas Jandrain
Branding system design - Art direction by Nicolas Jandrain
Branding system design - Art direction by Nicolas Jandrain
Branding design - Art direction by Nicolas Jandrain
Branding design - Art direction by Nicolas Jandrain

360° Toolbox

We refreshed all aspects of the brand identity’s toolbox and created 360° communication: print literature, signage, website and so on. And as the identity is actually implemented by the different countries, we developed a new brand guide to ensure the new identity will look as good in all the countries where Wolf is present.

Tomorrow's mobility Campaign

Engineering Tomorrow's Mobility

Wolf wished to confirm this “communication territory” with its professional network. “Engineering Tomorrow’s Mobility” became the title of the campaign with the city created from car parts and criss-crossed by a fluid that represented both mobility and lubricants. After several tentative efforts using photography, a 3-D solution was finally used for both the still images and the film. 


Branding Wolf Oil- Advertising by Visualmeta4
Branding Wolf Oil- Advertising by Visualmeta4
Branding advertising- Art direction by Visualmeta4
Branding advertising- Art direction by Visualmeta4

The Movie

Live branding / Exhibition booth

the live experience

Automechanika is the largest trade fair of the sector. It was the perfect opportunity for Wolf to establish their new communication territory and launch their “Engineering Tomorrow’s Mobility” concept.

Following discussions with the Wolf team, the objective was defined, namely to create a tunnel of communications that explains to the visitor, step by step, all the important elements of the new strategy. There was therefore only one entrance and one exit.

The result: a large cube with walls made using a blue wave of meshing and Wolf oil branding. The interior on the other hand was completely white and futurist with a polygonal wall and windows explaining the different communication tools developed. A model of the ‘motor’ parts city was even recreated using 3D printing.

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