Chasing extreme Roads in Norway

Norway Roads Nicolas Jandrain

Extreme journey

For the concept "extreme journey" – the new creative brand domain we’ve develop for Champion – we quickly asked ourselves where we could find the right roads in Europe to illustrate the idea, especially the idea of having 2 meter high snow in Springtime.

We were lucky for five of the top 20 most stunning and extreme roads in the world are located in Europe. Norway has 2 of them and fortunately for us, Norway was just coming out of a particularly harsh winter meaning that we could still expect snow in the mountains.

Atlantic Road Nicolas Jandrain

We were more than lucky to finally arrive there with the entire team from Ant production and find more snow that we could have expected at any time of the season. There were in fact 5 metre high drifts bordering the winding roads that crossed the fjords. It was clear, this was the perfect location to demonstrate the performance of the Champion lubricants in extreme condition.