Leysen Engagement & Wedding

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Engagement and wedding rings are a must for jewellers.

 Leysen wanted to stress its noteworthy expertise in the matter and highlight both its artistic viewpoint on the subject as well as its personalized service to young couples showing their commitment to each other.

As with any collection, work began by asking questions of the vision and look that the brand wanted to portray at this important moment in life. There was no lack of inspiration, as there are as many ways of saying yes as choosing an engagement ring.

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Leysen naturally followed the ingrained values of the house. And just like the creations, it was necessary to create imagery that would endure over time. No question therefore of following this year’s fashion. For when an image touches something true and goes to the heart of the matter, you can’t go wrong and it will in effect become timeless. This is what we were looking for.

We chose a very elegant artistic direction, both white and pure, to express the engagement rings in the branding of the Leysen house.

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