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What do cosmetics communications have in common with oils and lubricants?

art direction nicolas jandrain


Widespread use of the latest technologies has made “engine downsizing” a reality and this means that car manufacturers are using smaller engines to give the same power as a larger engine, with the consequent improvement in efficiency and cleanliness. 

The reality is though the stresses on engine oils are increasing as the conditions under which engines have to perform reliably become more extreme. The result is that the role of lubricants is more important and complex than ever: the right formulated engine oil is therefore critical to ensure engine reliability and performance.

This was an opportunity for Wolf; link the existing brand platform to a new layer of communication around the product message.

photo direction nicolas jandrain

Inspiration came from an unexpected source: cosmetology, and more specifically products around the beauty and youth of the skin. On the face of it, it may seem a strange connection, but on closer inspection there are in fact a lot of similarities.

The sector tends to communicate about its science and innovations by making visual references to the laboratory, DNA and microscopic views, and products are often presented as formulas with extraordinary properties. In the texts too, we hear expressions such as “rejuvenate” or “serum”. This was exactly the idea we wanted to express with Wolf, namely preserve the ‘youth’ of the engine thanks to a skillful mixture of additives which we have called the "multi-factor oil serum".

Wolf is the first brand in the industry to formulate a leading-edge range of lubricants incorporating oil serums. These multi-factor and concentrated formulas help the oil maintain its fluidity and properties.

Visually too the communication borrowed the codes from the sector to get its message about serums across. The product therefore has a central role in the image. The two liquids, both the oil and the additives, collide on the can and establish Wolf as the “blending” masters. Sophisticated images of products in the laboratory complete the visual package.

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This new layer of Wolf communication integrates perfectly with the existing branding, indeed the “vital lubricant” idea has already made it possible to develop an image that is strong on innovation and science.

This new, more specific communication around the product further enriches the whole message and the storytelling of the brand

art direction nicolas jandrain