Wolf Exhibition booth in Frankfurt

The Automechanika trade fair is the key meeting place for the automotive industry. A full six months beforehand, we brainstormed and worked with the Wolf marketing team to conceive an idea that would be more than just a stand, and represent an accurate and comprehensive staging of the Champion and Wolf brands and their respective communications.

Living and environmental banding to enrich a brand message


Conceived more like a real expo or retail shop rather than a traditional booth,the main idea behind the conception of the stand (developed in collaboration with Cosmasdesign and the team from Hoynqs), was to be totally disruptive offer a surprise to the entire industry

Visitors were invited to discover all the different facets of the brands, from the presentation of products through to the communication. Everything was choreographed to demonstrate the strength of the brands and their totally innovative approach to the sector.

All aspects of the communication and visual language of the stand were designed to offer a full and consistent brand experience.